Sunday, March 1, 2009

Day With C.

Well yes this is c. Tyrones grilfriend to be exact . so yeah hes at my house right now and i just felt like writing a blog on his blog page. (hi liandra!!!!) by the way go on my sisters blog like i was saying yea today was a great day i kept harrassing Tyrone for the Ryan Leslie album so he brought it to me he took forever to get here though. He finally got her at like 4ish and he brought me reeses and i was like yayyyyy your so sweet. We watched tv for most of the time but i couldnt kiss him or anything cuz my older brother was home lol.mad heads called me to tell me i had no school tomorrow because of the snow and i was like tyrone im coming to your house tomorrow!!!!!!! Around 7ish we went to the chicken spot and some retarted girl kept looking at us for some reason but o well. its 7:49 now and im out. by the wayy its our 1 month anniversary and go cop that Ryan Leslie album

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leeandruh said...

lmfaoooooooooooooooooooo !
best blog entry !
ily chrissy :)

go to my blog tho