Thursday, March 26, 2009

Doom - Born Into This (Free Download)

1. Supervillain Intro
2. Gazzillion Ear
3. Ballskin
4. Yessir!
5. Absolutely
6. Rap Ambush
7. Lightworks
8. Batty Boyz
9. Angelz
10. Cellz
11. Still Dope
12. Microwave Mayo
13. More Rhymin'
14. That's That
15. Supervillainz
16. Bumpy's Message
17. Thank Yah

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Friday, March 20, 2009

My Man

Hes Talking To The Sound Tech BTW

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Not Coppin But Wish I Was.
Real Slick

Monday, March 16, 2009


Waddup Blog World
How Ya'll Been...Really Doesnt Matter To Me.
But Anyways I'm Here Blogging.Something Nowdays I Rarely Do.The Reason To That Is Because...How Can I Blog When I Have Nothing So Fantastic To Talk About.
I'm Not Gonna Give You Guys A Bullshit Halfass Entry Everyday About Nothing.
I'd Rather Wait For Like 2wice A Week To Hit Ya'll Niggas In Tha Head With Some Hot Fire Heat.So With That Being Said Heres The Update
1.I Havent Been Doin Beats Lately...Well Not So Much "HOT" Beats.
2.A Lot Of People Are Still Biting My Style And Its Amazing How You Guys Cant See It...I Guess Niggas'll Be Blind Until I Really Give'em That Link.ACTUALLY
(If You Want That Link,If You Wanna See That Person That Imitates My Whole Style...Ask Me For It)
3.I Been Getting Those Tracks Back From Myspace Niggas I Fuck Wit
Shouts To
Tekesh (Of Coarse)
Juve (Of Coarse)
Tier Zero
Suo/Moon Blazerz
Sydney Renoylds
Tay Lee (Waddup Homie...We Gotta Hit'em Again Wit Some Heat)
Future Ape Tapes
and finally
A-Y (Whats Fam You Got Tallent...I'm Just Waitin 4 You To Make That Track)

Thats About Its From My Life Right About Now.
Heres A Video For Ya'll YouTube Niggas.....I'll Be In Touch
Until Then
I HOLLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Day With C.

Well yes this is c. Tyrones grilfriend to be exact . so yeah hes at my house right now and i just felt like writing a blog on his blog page. (hi liandra!!!!) by the way go on my sisters blog like i was saying yea today was a great day i kept harrassing Tyrone for the Ryan Leslie album so he brought it to me he took forever to get here though. He finally got her at like 4ish and he brought me reeses and i was like yayyyyy your so sweet. We watched tv for most of the time but i couldnt kiss him or anything cuz my older brother was home lol.mad heads called me to tell me i had no school tomorrow because of the snow and i was like tyrone im coming to your house tomorrow!!!!!!! Around 7ish we went to the chicken spot and some retarted girl kept looking at us for some reason but o well. its 7:49 now and im out. by the wayy its our 1 month anniversary and go cop that Ryan Leslie album